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4th grade project


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4th Grade Music Project


We are singing songs from 4 different countries for our Spring PTO music program, Bring Your Passport!  Your project is to pick one of these countries and find information about that country.  You can use encyclopedias, travel brochures, travel magazines, the internet, a travel agency, or ask people who have been to one of these countries if they have anything you can borrow, copy, or draw.  If you need help, let me know and I can stay after school to work with you.  You have one week to do this project.  Some students may be asked to present this project for the class.


1) Pick your country:

Morocco     South Africa     Germany     Mexico


2) Start searching for information about your country to see what you like about it and what you're interested in.


3) Then pick at least TWO of these to find, draw, or download about your country.

1-   traditional clothing

2-   famous places

3-   festivals or holidays

4-  landscape (what does the country look like:  mountains?

desert? forests?)

5-   traditional food

6-   traditional architecture of houses and buildings (not the modern ones)

7-   what the people look like

8-   something else you can SEE in that country that you find interesting


4) You can bring any of the following things.  Be prepared to tell us about

     whatever you bring:

                          pictures you drew

a poster from a travel agent

pictures you downloaded from the internet

a magazine

food you made or a picture of food

clothes or hat from that country

souvenirs from someones trip to that country

anything else you can think of that you could SEE in that country


Here are some web search engines and sites to help,

but you may find your own too.


Students will have one week to finish the project.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail your music teacher, Miss Harley.