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December Show Pictures I
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An Early American Christmas
original songs and arrangements by Teresa Jennings
script by Meredith Inserra ("Miss Harley")
choreography by Meredith Inserra and students
Thanks to parent volunteers and our Art teacher, Mrs. Rogers, for their work on our backdrop.
The December 2002 PTO show was a great success. 
Thanks to all the parents for their support and compliments. 
Below are some pics from the show.  If you have others you'd like to post here on the gallery, e-mail them to me.  Click on the "Contact Miss Harley" page for the e-mail address.  Then attach your photos to your e-mail message.  You may also submit a hard copy and I will be glad to scan the image for you.  Simply put your photos in an envelope with your name of the back of the photos and bring them to the Music Room.

18th century children appear from the past to share their traditions.

George Washington's Christmas party
Serving punch and cakes at George Washington's party

The honorable son says goodbye before he joins the war for American independence.

In rehearsal: 18th c. child asks, "What's this?"
She replies, "It's plastic, I guess. From... hmm... Wal-Mart!"

3rd Graders: Here We Come A-Wassailing, with a bowl of wassail on stage

18th century children share in the singing of Deck the Halls with the 3rd graders.

Grade 1 speakers
3rd Grade with Santa for "Silver Bells"

Blitzen Boogies across the stage with 1st grade

Grade 1: "Oh, Come Little Children" Come.....

More of Blitzen's Boogie