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My Weightloss Journey

Favorite Links
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My favorite links
related to weight loss and health: for support, encouragement, info, etc.

Living After Weight Loss Surgery - support and encouragement, 'cause you can never get too much of it when you're on this journey!!

Bariatric TV - a fun gang of folks who create online videos on topics related to weight loss surgery.

The Ticker Factory to configure your own weight loss ticker

Get nutrition info on lots of foods

Celebrate Vitamins - great source for chewable vitamins specially formulated for bariatric patients. I love their chewable iron and calcium.

Bariatric Advantage - great source for quality nutritional supplements (love their calcium chews) - online store for specialty foods for dieters, those on special diets, or anyone looking for healthy options

Maine Cottage Foods - specializing in low carb, sugar-free, maltitol-free chocolates! for Sugar-free goodies and snacks

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change!!!