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My Weightloss Journey

Family Photo Album
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I'm married to Paul Inserra.  We have 4 cats and a dog.

Click here to see more pictures of my kitties.

My whole family. (I'm in the purple dress.)

Above is a picture taken in July of 2007.  Pictured, from left, standing:  Me, Heather (my sister), my mom, Steve (Heather's husband), and Paul (my husband).  From left sitting:  Clay (my brother), and my dad.   My sister and her husband were leaving the next day to live in Minneapolis, so we had a mock Thanksgiving dinner since they weren't likely to make the "real" Thanksgiving dinner a few months later.  It was fun (and delicious) pretending it was Thanksgiving. 

Meredith and Paul
at the Grand Canyon, summer 2007



This is Gunny above taking a nap.


Lounging on the deck.
Gunny and Haggis are brothers.

Penny, our dog
Paul is the dog person. I'm the cat person.



Truffle lives outside now.  He wouldn't stop urinating in the house, despite everything we tried for years.  I do everything I can to make him comfortable and happy in his new domain outside.  He has a bed on the screened porch that I can even warm with "SnuggleSafe" inserts.



Frosty is large and in charge!  He is definitely my "alpha" cat.  He's usually very lazy and likes to sleep under the covers of my bed.

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change!!!