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Below are a few of the polymer clay related sites that I've found helpful, fun, or fascinating.  I'll add more as I find them.

terrific resource of great people who encourage the art of Polymer Clay;  includes a discussion forum
a great discussion forum for people who make PC jewelry
terrific for supplies, good customer service
good for ideas and info on clay
tutorial on one way to cover an ink pen with polymer clay
a very talented lady with great ideas to share
an encyclopaedia of polymer clay info
a great resource for ideas and tutorials
great site for general info on polymer clay and techniques
a great list of links related to polymer clay
tips from the master, Donna Kato
more tips from the master, Donna Kato
nice list of tutorial links
Polymer Cafe magazine
a gallery of jaw-dropping ideas from a talented lady
great source for supplies and some unique jewelry findings
HGTVs polymer clay tutorials
lots of polymer clay tutorials
a great site for inspiration from a group of talented artists in the Blue Ridge Mountains;  lots of eye candy
another great souce of eye candy;  beautiful PC work
loads of inspiration from another talented artist
Puffinalia's gallery of wonderful work! and supplies
kits of hardware for creating great PC projects like clocks and pens
wonderful gallery of gorgeous work and a source of supplies
Polymer Clay Polyzine
a nice tutorial on making lentil beads from Polymer Clay Polyzine
terrific source of inspiration and such a well done web site
includes a good set of tutorials for dealing with findings
an outstanding site with loads of gorgeous eye candy
beautiful and inspiring work from a multitalented lady
The most amazing work in polymer clay I have ever seen.  Check out the beauty that can be achieved by this outstanding polymer clay artist, James Lehman. 
And for LAUGHS!:

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Watch for more of my favorite Polymer Clay links in the future.