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Truffle's Tutorial

Truffle's Beaded Watch Tutorial

Welcome to my beaded watch tutorial.  Please remember that your human must be supervised at all times.  Tools and supplies can be dangerous in the hands of inexperienced humans.


Note how I have organized all materials so they are easy to reach and knock off the counter.

Make sure you and your human wash hands thoroughly.  You may want to wash your human's hands since they aren't usually very thorough.


Measure as much stretchmagic as you think you will need.  (Resist the temptation to play with it and chew on it, because your human will take it away from you.)


Browse your bead collection and choose several beads that coordinate.  To add variety, you will want to use beads of various sizes and textures.  I like the ones in these little crinkly plastic bags.


Once you know what beads you want, put them in a handy tray on your work surface, then stare lovingly at your human.


Carefully loop the stretchmagic around those little spool thingies on the watchface.  Then, in a random pattern thread your beads onto the stretchmagic.  Just for fun, knock a few beads onto the floor.


Once you get your beaded watch started, sit back and lounge comfortably while you watch your human do the rest of the work. 


Make sure you continue to monitor your human so you can answer any questions that may come up.

Here is the finished product.



"Check back often
for more helpful tutorials
from Truffle."